Curse of Strahd

Draug's Dream

The crescent moon shaped amulet turns into a full moon, the wolf at the center becomes a mist that fills the amulet and explodes in a fog that immediately surrounds you. The constant movements of the fog tricks you with images and shapes until an even like humanoid with wings forms before you. It doesn't stay hard to distinguish it from the fog, when everything else around becomes the sky at night, with far distance stars. Before you, the woman form is colored and you can't speak, move, or even breathe. You heart pumps heavily like it would blow out of your chest; your mesmerized state then realizes her face and body is constantly flicking into different animal shapes in many parts of her body.

She then points her finger to you meanwhile levitating towards your direction, when you blink you see a paw instead, that quickly becomes a tentacle, then a vine that starts emanating light so bright that blinds you for few seconds. When your eyes recover, you see another woman. She does not notice you. Her long bright silver hair resembles the moon reflecting in a lake, loose strands camouflaging when over the grey breastplate amour, misleading your sight. She has wolfish brown eyes, vivid like the trunk of a tree in the sun that adorned her exceptionally pale face.

The woman is in a square, in a town you haven't seen before.  Someone is speaking to the public, when wolves comes out of the darkness and surprise the people. Ripping flesh and painting the floor with blood. She fights against them, but it is too much for her. The inaudible scene breaks its silence as she screams in pain when a werewolf claw pierces through her chest, scaring you with the unexpected sound as you awake sweating.

Back to your sense the night seems quiet, Kass sleeps heavily on your side. You see the dragonish eyes looking at you, the cleric sharp senses woke him up as he felt your unusual sleep. Torinn could not avoid noticing you holding the amulet on your hands.



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