Curse of Strahd

The Inscrutable Draug

Hello Birdie,

Just another entry in my notes to you.  We’ve progressed in our never-ending journey into this horror.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the education you gave me in the arcane use of my bow.  Those abilities have literally been a life-saver on more than one occasion.   I wish I could have learned more about druids…evil ones, at least.  Although learning to use the bow by shooting trees in the forest was some scant help.  But those trees didn't move! 

Anyway, I want to tell you about another of my companions.  You remember introducing me to Kassandra, I’ve yet to describe her to you but I will ::wink::  Well Kass has a cousin that travels with her whose name is Draug.  He is an elf, one of your kin but of the wood elf variety, I believe. 


The only thing that any of us really knows about Draug comes from watching him.  He is quiet and not at all conversational.  A young, strong, highly skilled ranger, he is incredibly intuitive in combat.  He always seems to focus on the weaknesses and importance of our enemies.  More than once I’ve yelled out to him for advice in the middle of a battle.  Where Maestoff charges into battle with a passion, Draug rapidly assesses his most advantageous option and moves quickly to gain it.  Though we share a love for the bow, our skills compliment rather than supplement one another.  Surprisingly, though we have much in common, this mutuality has not brought us much closer together.  Draug is very protective of Kass and stays close to her.  That is understandable inasmuch as the one thing we know about him is that he and Kass have a vicious vendetta against werewolves.  This is especially true for Draug…his family, in fact his entire village, was destroyed by them.  When we are not otherwise engaged Draug sits by himself (not far from Kass) lost in deep thought.  But, his eyes are not lost in a far-away stare, rather they are intensely focused like a perfect arrow shaft pointed at a hated enemy. 

More when I can,



I like how the descriptions are really close to the characters’ behaviour

The Inscrutable Draug

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