Curse of Strahd

Traveling with Maestoff

Birdie (Brielle)
To say that strange things keep happening is truly unnecessary.  Given where I am (wherever that is) it would easier if I wrote to you when something normal happens!  We’ve left the town of Barovia, at least for now, and are heading to Vallaki, a town about three days walk from here.  My friends and I are escorting a young lady, Ireena, who is the romantic focus of the monster Strahd for some reason.  Actually, as crazy as it sounds, Strahd believes that Ireena is the reincarnation of the woman he once loved.  Yeah, right.  Well, as I mentioned before, I am feeling good about my companions; all of them are quite dependable as well skilled.  My friend, Maestoff, is an interesting fellow.
Quiet until he is confronted with anything he considers unlawful or unjust, he is quick to defend.  I admire Maestoff’s dedication to justice, but he hasn’t learned that what is lawful is not always just.  As you know, in my life, I’ve found that the two rarely coincide in this world.  Still, having Maestoff first into the battle, without hesitation, is a great comfort.  What an interesting mix he is, powerfully strong and viciously effective in combat, he is quiet and almost gentle the rest of the time.  However, he is always watchful for and sensitive to what I might just call wrongful cause.  Of course he is a paladin so I have to put up with the nonsense about his god.  As if the gods ever did anything but pile hardship upon hardship on the world.  Don’t get me started on that.  Anyway, Maestoff is a good friend and a frequent savior of us all.  Lucky to have him with us. 


Hahah, nice to see the lack of faith slate has!
You description made me think about Caramon, not sure if you ever read dragonlance, mighty and gentle

Traveling with Maestoff

aw you’re makin’ me blush slate lmao

Traveling with Maestoff

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