Brielle was the quintessence of elven grace and beauty. She had become the mistress of the The Paradox at the tender age of 50 when her mother had declared her ready. Her mother had been mistress of the Paradox for two-hundred years before that but felt the desire to return to the wooded happiness of home. Brielle had taken to the obligation with remarkable excitement and fervor. Still young by elven standards, she was smart, charming and as wise anyone in the Realm. After all, a hundred years of being privy to the most important secrets of society was an education that no one could match.

But Brielle was adept at more than keeping secrets. She had spent the past century learning her magic from some of the best practitioners in the land. However, her use of the mystical arts was always subtle, if not completely hidden. The only one of her magical skills that was ever discussed was her ability to enchant items. The exclusivity of the Paradox limited her customers to the upper echelon of the covert professions, but they all knew where to come for a magical enhancement. Equally well known was that she used her enchantment skill parsimoniously and never for a payment of gold. Brielle accepted only deeds as payment, favors if you will. In this way, the quiet and elegant…but brilliant…young elf secretly affected events throughout the Realm.



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