Draug Naule


Draug is a member of the Emerald Enclave.

Draug Naule was raised in a tiny village hidden away in the woods near Neverwinter. He lived a fairly quiet life until his town was attacked and his family slaughtered by werewolves. He was almost killing himself, but the pack leader spared him for some reason he still hasn’t been able to fathom, perhaps having something to due with the silver wolf’s head whistle he wears around his neck. Draug has spent all of his time since the decimation of his village trying to track down the pack that slaughtered his family, but so far its like the werewolves have vanished into thin air. He supports himself hiring out as a guide and monster slayer to travelers and villages.


Born to Paven and Isilmë Naule, Draug lived a very peaceful life up until his coming of age ceremony at 100 years of age. During his ceremony, his village was surrounded by mist, and that night a pack of werewolves attacked, slaughtering his entire village. The werewolves pack leader spared him after seeing the gift that Draug was given by his mother, a whistle made of wrought silver in the shape of a wolfs head. Draug to this day still can’t fathom why he was spare, and has spent the past 35 years training with the emerald enclave druid Shinthala Deepcrest as a ranger to hunt the pack down and get his answers. Draug spends any time he hasn’t been training or working with the last bit of his family, Kassandra Naule, his cousin. He follows the faith of Sehanine Moonbow, tracking his foes by the light of the moon.

Draug Naule

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