Gomrund Drakenhold


Gomrund Drakenhold and an elder dwarf with 257 years. Gomrund was the founder of his own clan, previously belonging to the Ironeye clan. Ironeye members were located a long time ago in the Nether Mountains.

They fought their were out of the mountains and migrated west into colder lands, expecting to find a more peaceful environment. The dwarf led all members of the old clan that chose to follow him, he was honourable and right which attracted large group.

Gomrund went through terrible times when searching for a new home. The prospered caves turned out to be connected deeply with underdark, where Drows constantly performed sneak attacks against the dwarfs forcing them to retreat.

The brave dwarf led them up north, where he finally found the Drakenspine mountains.


Gomrund Drakenhold

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