Ismark The Lesser


Other villagers call him “lsmark the Lesser” because he has lived in the shadow of his father (Kolyan Indirovich) for most of his life. Ismark isn’t a typically dour Barovian. He invites people to join him, offers to pay for their wine, and asks for their aid in protecting his adopted sister, Ireena Kolyana.

He wants help him escort Ireena to Vallaki, a settlement in the heart of the valley, beyond the view of Castle Ravenloft and (he hopes) beyond the reach of Strahd. Ismark knows that moving Ireena is a gamble, since she’s vulnerable to Strahd when she is outside their home, but he has heard assertions that Vallaki is well defended.

Ismark is as tight-lipped as any of the other Barovian villagers, unless the talk deals with Ireena or Strahd. Ismark knows that, for some unknown reason, Strahd is attracted to Ireena Kolyana and desires her above all others.

Ismark The Lesser

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