Maestøff Vakthund

Human paladin, recently brought into the fold.


Carries a shield and longsword. Slowly discovering the newfound divine powers of his order.


Hailing from Waterdeep, harsh home life living in poverty with 6 brothers. Runt of the litter, he received the least food and attention. Maestoff fought and clawed his way up to stay afloat until he ran from home. He found work as a migrant farmhand. He saved the daughter of a landowner from a wolf and was given a job guarding Selveierstead farm from then on. Eventually, he ended up outgrowing his siblings after finding steady food and work. The young man could see the downtrodden throughout the area, and sympathized with their familiar suffering. The meek and innocent found a protector, and he found a purpose. Time came an went, and he was loved by many. Unfortunately his tale isn’t a happy one. He was unable to uphold his duty, as his town was steamrolled by bandits. Few survived the attack. He rose from the ash and rubble around him and threw down his shield. He saw nothing worth protecting.
Maestoff returned to Waterdeep, doing what he could to protect the less fortunate within the city. His life has become a cycle of drinking the day away, then fighting through the night. . After a particularly bad blackout, he found himself on the doorstep of an old man, once a member of the Knights of Holy Judgement . When he entered, the man saw Maestoff’s suffering and took him in. Maestoff saw the light, he saw the one god that made sense to him, and he saw a way to keep himself from going off the deep end.
He still struggles with his guilt, and his perceived failure. He’s potentially cold and distant but his true self is always a protector of those that need protecting

Maestøff Vakthund

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