Sarynna Naule


Sarynna has hazel eyes, her skin is pale-light-cooper, her hair is curly brown. She is one of the most welcoming person you will ever see. Her eyes, her smile, is all a invitation to talk to her.


Born and raised in the a wood elf hidden village near Neverwinter, Sarynna’s life changed when she met the Lonely Captain. The diplomatic elf felt in love with the Captain and decided to travel on John’s ship. Sarynna’s job in the ship was to take care with commercial deals. This was a great improvement on the Captain’s reliability with humans and elves. After a few years on the road, they had a daughter, Kassandra.

Sarynna’s village was attacked by a pack of werewolves and her only elvish family left is Draug Naule.

Sarynna Naule

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