Born and raised in the mountains Uthred was a very vocal member of the Drakenhold clan located on the Drakenspine mountains. While most of his clan quickly dispatched the words of any visitors Uthred would take their stories and propose them to the gods for truth. As followers of Kord, Uthred saw it as a great strength to know of his surroundings and took the words of travelers to heart. The words that were going around was that something very bad was brewing. A great power was rising and everyone was chattering about sightings of monsters and undead.

Uthred’s words to his clan leaders fell on thunder deafened ears. To this he prayed and asked Kord for the strength and wisdom on how to save his people from their own ignorance and seclusion. Moments later a single cloud formed and a bolt of lightning hit a tree near Uthred and managed to only sever one branch. As Uthred looked up to the sun blocked by the cloud he knew that this was a message from his god. Taking the single branch as a symbol to break away from the clan and face this evil on his own Uthred went to Elder Bolvar to ask to take leave from the mountain. After much drink and conversation from Bolvar regarding what a loss Uthred would be the story of the lightning and the tree was told. At that moment Bolvar stood up, grabbed his clan mates forearm with one hand gripping his shoulder with the other, looked him in the eye, and without pause said “Safe travels my friend. Kord is with you.”

With that Uthred grabbed his meager wealth and possessions and took off on a divine trip to find the evil that he knew in his heart was going to take over the land and endanger his people.


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