Kassandra Naule


Kassandra has blue eyes just like her father and brown hair just like her mom. This half-elf was born and raised on Cyanny, the blue ship owned by John Wagnner.
Xoxif Jorybar Nimin Albis was her tutor. From him, she learned how to play Lute, Flute, and Viol. He taught her how to speak Gnomish, the secrets of arcane magic, showed her the importance of knowing the nature and the creatures, told her the history of the world and cities. Xoxif explained belongs to the College of Lore and said once Kassandra is experienced enough, she can join the college. She waits for that day anxiously.
Kassandra’s elvish village was destroyed by a pack of werewolves. Her cousin, Draug, is now her only connection with the elvish past and Kassandra is determined to help him in his revenge.


The Lonely Captain

John Wagnner was known as the Lonely Captain. He owned Cyanny, a blue ship. The Lonely Captain and his crew travelled around Faerun delivering goods from small producers to big cities like Neverwinter and Waterdeep.

John was known by being lonely not because he didn’t have a crew or wasn’t close to them, but because he had never in all those years had an affair. John never got to know his father. According to his mother, he was a traveller that would come and go, never at home, always with another woman. Because of that, John promised he would never be with a woman. The Lonely Captain knew that his job would never allow him to be near his family and decided to never have one.
However, it all changed when he met the gorgeous wood elf Sarynna Naule. Wood Elves are usually recluse in their villages and avoid contact with outsiders, however, some elves had to deal with humans in the nearby cities to trade goods. Sarynna was a Wood Elf representative and her job was to sell her village’s special stone arrows in exchange to fine wines from other Elvish village.
I was love at first sight, not just for John, but for Sarynna as well. She was enchanted by the sailor’s eyes. She could feel the breeze from the sea and the freedom of that sailor just by looking at his beautiful blue eyes. John refused to accept his feelings, he would keep his promises no matter how beautiful and smart that woman was.
That night John and his crew were in a tavern in Neverwinter enjoying good music and beer when suddenly the whole place was in silence. They looked at the door and a elegant and tall woman came in, it was Sarynna. She walked in John’s direction stunning all around with her beauty. A murmur started, everyone was talking about her. Sarynna smiled to the Lonely Captain and invited him to seat with her. John accepted. They found a table in a quiet part of the tavern, they ate, laugh, she drank wine, he drank beer… they both had a great time. At the end of the night, John told Sarynna he never felt like that with anyone else, but that he was the Lonely Captain for a reason and they should not see each other again.
Sarynna went to her room thinking about her life and everything she had. Her successful career, the good life she had at her village, then she realised… Her life was good because she never knew anything different from that. She spent about three days thinking what to do and then she decided, she would leave her village and travel and she was going to do that either by John’s side or on her own. Her family was very supportive, especially her brother Paven and his son Draug.
The Lonely Captain and his crew were in the docs cleaning and preparing to leave when Sarynna came to give him the good news. John was reluctant and did not want to accept her, he was afraid that she was being reckless, however he understood her point and was more than happy that he found the love of his life.
Having Sarryna in the crew opened a lot of doors, she now could communicate with the elves directly and John became the sailor with the most variety of elvish goods in the area. Few years passed and Sarynna got pregnant, Kassandra Naule was born.

Kassandra has blue eyes just like her father and brown hair just like her mom. This half-elf was born and raised on Cyanny. The Captain’s single child was received by all members of the crew as their own. They spoiled her in every way they could but always teaching her how to survive and be a good sailor. Xoxif Jorybar Nimin Albis was her tutor. The gnome took care of the Cyanny’s ropes, checking them frequently, keeping them clean, and ready to be used. He also was the ship’s entertainer, the bard used to play and tell stories for the crew every night. It was Kassandra’s favourite time of the day.
As she was growing Kassandra decided she wanted to become bard, just like Xoxif. She learned how to play Lute, Flute, and Viol. He taught her how to speak Gnomish, the secrets of arcane magic, showed her the importance of knowing the nature and the creatures, told her the history of the world and cities. After a few years Xoxif explained her that he belongs to the College of Lore. A group of bards that meet once in awhile to share their knowledge and lores about their travels. He said once she is experienced enough, she can join the college. Kassandra waits for that day anxiously.

Sarynna’s Family
It was a common day at the Cyanny. John and his crew were traveling to Neverwinter to complete another job. Spring was just starting and the busiest season would begin, because of that the Captain decided they would stay in town for a few weeks to rest and enjoy their free time. Sarynna was excited to be back, she was planning on visiting her family in the hidden village of the Wood Elves. She wanted to show them her daughter. It has been 17 years since Sarynna visited her family, the sailor’s life was really busy. When they arrived in Neverwinter some people were staring at Sarynna with surprise, however others with pity on their eyes. She could not understand what was happening. A young man came to her and with sadness on his voice; he informed that Sarynna’s village was attacked by werewolves a month ago and all the elves were exterminated. The only survivor was one man, her nephew, Draug Naule. Stunned by the news, Sarynna couldn’t do anything else but cry. John holded her on his arms and tried to calm her down. I took few minutes until she was back on her feet, and asked about Draug. The man said Draug hasn’t being in town for a week and he believes the elf was looking for the werewolves in the woods. Sarynna and John decided to ride to the village to find Draug and see if he needed help. The whole crew decided to go, they would not leave their Captain and his wife ride by themselves in the woods full of werewolves.
Kassandra had never met her elvish family, but she felt as she belonged there and the loss affected her. Although she was never introduced to them, she heard several stories about their way of living, their culture, language… Kassandra was so mad, she had never felt like this before. Those werewolves were capable of destroying her past without her even knowing it. Her cousin was the only connection with her elvish past and she was determined in find and help him in his revenge.
After a few days on the road, they finally reached the village. It was all destroyed, the smell of dried blood mixed with the fresh breeze from the woods was a catalyzer to Kassandra’s fury. Kassandra and her mom went to Sarynna’s house. The furniture was broken and they could see the blood on the floor. They both kneeled and prayed for Kelemvor, the god of the dead so that he could care for those who passed away. At the back room of the house they found a recently used firecamp, probably Draug’s. They started cleaning the village, waiting for Draug’s return.
It was twilight when Draug came back. As soon as Sarynna saw her only family she ran to him and hugged him, apologizing for being distant. She introduced Kassandra to Draug and they all sat by the fire to talk and enjoy that small family moment.
Draug told he has been looking for the werewolves and that he heard the pack was heading south near Baldur’s Gate. People heard that the werewolves are trying to rebuilt Vehlarr, the werewolf city. John offered Draug help, they could sail down to Baldur’s gate together. Sailing south would take 23 days, if Draug traveled by land it would take twice the time. They had a good time in the ship. Sarynna shared her experiences about the years traveling and Draug told her what happened while she was away. He told her all he knew about the attack. When they reached Baldur’s gate, each of them took their own way. But now Draug knows he had a family he could count on.

Draug’s Call
Six months passed and Sarynna received a letter from Draug asking for help. “Meet me in Waterdeep during the Crescent moon”. He was in a good track for the werewolves and needed some help to bring them down. Sarynna knew she couldn’t do anything to help the beloved nephew, but Kassandra felt she was ready to leave Cyanny and the crew. Kassandra would take care of her own life and grow as a bard; this was the only way she could get enough experience to become a bard of the College of Lore. Few weeks before the crescent moon John headed to Waterdeep, Sarynna knew a very good mentor that could help Kassandra improve her magic and crossbow skills. There she met Slate who shared his story of how living on the streets helped him become the person he is today. As she was done with the training, she met Draug and now they travel together looking for the werewolves and their secrets.

Kassandra Naule

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