Xoxif Jorybar Nimin Albis


Xoxif looks younger than he really is, it might be because of his easy-going personality. The gnome is always looking for something to do. He is fast and effective on his job, at the end of the day, he has done more than anybody else and still have energy to play and talk (a lot). Some people might say he is half-halfling, who knows?


Xoxif works for Captain John since he was a teenager. He already did every single task in the ship, and now a days he has one of the most important task. Xoxif takes care of the Cyanny’s ropes. He needs to check them frequently, keeping them clean, and ready to be used. During the night he is the ship’s entertainer. Xoxif enchants everyone with his music and tales fo the world. He was Kassandra’s inspiration to become a bard. He became her tutor, teaching her how to speak Gnomish, the secrets of arcane magic, the importance of knowing the nature and the creatures, and the history of the world and cities.

Xoxif Jorybar Nimin Albis

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