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  • Slate is Thinking

    Slate paced along the wall in the church vestibule.  How in the world had he ended up here?  Wherever here actually was. Let’s see, having a drink with Maestoff, the letter, the crazy mist and then Kass and Draug pop out of nowhere with …

  • Slate's letter to Brielle

    Young Slate Learning

    Young Slate Learning

    Traveling with Maestoff

    Birdie (Brielle)
    To say that strange things keep happening is truly unnecessary.  Given where I am (wherever that is) it would easier if I wrote to you when something normal happens!  We’ve left the …

  • The Inscrutable Draug

    Hello Birdie,

    Just another entry in my notes to you.  We’ve progressed in our never-ending journey into this horror.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am for all the education you gave me in the arcane use of my bow.  …

  • Examining the Puzzle

    Slate sat against a tree just off the road, several yards from the city gates.  Kass and Maestoff were instructing the guard and Father Lucien about the young Vistani girl and the fool fisherman.  The fisherman was not evil but he suffered …

  • Damn Yue!

    Slate paced back and forth in the church; the others were asleep.

    Damn! damn! damn!  There was always something about her that I didn’t trust.  But, I wasn’t as observant as Maestoff or Draug.  With me the suspicion …