Tag: Village of Barovia


  • Ismark The Lesser

    Other villagers call him "lsmark the Lesser" because he has lived in the shadow of his father (Kolyan Indirovich) for most of his life. Ismark isn't a typically dour Barovian. He invites people to join him, offers to pay for their wine, and asks for their …

  • Ireena Kolyana

    Daughter of Kolyan Indirovich Ireena Kolyana, a striking young woman with auburn hair, has been bitten twice by Strahd. The villagers are afraid of her and avoid her. Ireena's seeks help and hopes for protection, so she is willing to accompany …

  • Donavich

    Donavich has been praying throughout the night. His voice is hoarse and weak. He is, in a word, insane. A little more than a year ago, his twenty-year-old son Doru and several other villagers stormed Castle Ravenloft in revolt, having been lured there by …

  • Doru

    Doru, a vampire spawn sent by Strahd to torment [[:donavich | Donavich]] and cast down the church. Doru is starved for blood and was brave enough to attack a character resulting in his death.