Curse of Strahd

Damn Yue!

Slate paced back and forth in the church; the others were asleep.

Damn! damn! damn!  There was always something about her that I didn’t trust.  But, I wasn’t as observant as Maestoff or Draug.  With me the suspicion was simply the coincidence of her arrival at the same time as us.  Paladins don’t just drop out of the blue when you might need them.  Funny, she was (is) beautiful but I never was attracted to her…unusual for me.  Heh.  Well, too late to do anything about it.  But, we must figure her out…no doubt we’ve not seen the last of her. 


  1. She knew exactly where the devils’ hideout was.
  2. During the fight with the devils and the werewolf Draug urged her to use Divine Smite…she refused.
  3. Maestoff healed her and, in the process, learned that she was not hurt nearly as much as she seemed to be.
  4. She never attempted to heal herself even though eventually she collapsed from her injuries. 

Conclusion:  I think we can safely assume she was no paladin.  But, that doesn’t get us any place.

More Clues:

  1. She did seem to genuinely fight against our enemies. 
  2. While we were all at Wizard of Wines, she was in Vallaki and could have spirited Ireena away from us without a problem.

Conclusion:  I don’t think she is in league with Strahd; she is more likely against him.  But, to wat purpose?  What is she trying to do and why?

Last Clues:

  1. Draug would have seen if she was a shape-shifter; so she isn’t. 
  2. But, she flies.  She can fly!
  3. She left a red feather where she took to the air.  Was it a part of her or a part of her clothing.  I’d feel better if it were white.  Red?

Conclusion:  What the hell is she? She may be against Strahd but she isn’t necessarily with us. 


good thoughts here!

Damn Yue!

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