Curse of Strahd

Slate's Recovery



Things took what was almost a catastrophic turn, as least for me.  I’ll try to condense the explanation as  best I can.  I woke up on night several weeks ago feeling weak and feverish.  In an effort to shake off the feeling I decided to take a walk.  I didn’t think anything of it and, of course, didn’t wake anyone to tell them I was going.  What happened next is such a blur in my mind that I can only rely on what others told me later.  Evidently, the illness escalated quickly with a fever so high that I became delirious, not cognizant of where I was or where I was going.  How long I wandered in this state is still unclear but it must have been for days.  How I survived, I have no idea.  Evidently I instinctually kept myself hydrated I assume from streams that I stumbled across.  Thanks to the gods, who probably made me ill in the first place, I was found by a small elven patrol.  By good fortune they knew me; our company had visited their camp several days prior.  They overcame my feeble resistance (of course I didn’t recognize them) and delivered me to their camp where their leader began go care for me immediately.  This group of elves where camped outside of a Vistani village, mostly for security purposes.  Their leader used every means possible to affect a cure.  He is still not sure if my malady was natural or caused by some magical influence.  Nonetheless, my cure and convalescence took several weeks.  Name, used all the skill he possessed, both herbal and magical and, yet, I barely pulled through.  He insisted on two things. First he stood firm that I not leave the camp until I had regained my full strength and skills.  He convinced me of the necessity in order that I would not endanger myself or my friends when I return to my friends.  Second, he mandated that my presence and condition be kept absolutely secret.  He explained that without knowing the origin or cause of my ailment, it was essential that no one find out.  If my illness was not the result of a natural occurring cause, but rather was inflicted upon me magically or by purposeful exposure it was best not to reveal the success.  Since you won’t be reading this until I see you again I’m not abrogating promise.  Thankfully, I am now fully recovered and on my way to rejoin my friends.  I am eager to find them and see how they have fared. 



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