Curse of Strahd


"My leader" announced a strong and monstrous humanoid as he strode in the cave. "We managed to intercept this letter from the priest Donavich. I prefer you read it yourself" bowed the the shadowy figure, stretching out his arm with a scroll on his hand. "This is not the original, as requested we make copies so we keep being invisible".

"Thank you, I couldn't except less" smiled the master reading curiously. "After years we might have gotten what we needed". Glomming the letter the leader added "I will handle this myself". 

Even bowing the big devil couldn't hide his surprised face as he thought "Handling it personally… hmm.. I guess the odds are in our favour this time"

The village of Barovia was calm this night, the streets awkwardly filled with people, as if the fear was temporarily gone. The beautiful human dressed as a Vallaki guard was admired as she walked through the village, without wasting time she went straight into the tavern. 

The burgomaster's son Ismark was there, his amusement lifting up his spirits. When he noticed the smoking blond, he quickly invited her to his table "What brings you here soldier? Or should I say, my lady?" said him softly as he pushed a glass of Purple Grapemash. 

"My mission here is already completed" lied the blond lady, "I just wanted to be safe and warm until tomorrow, when I shall head back to Vallaki" then she paused taking a sip of the wine "thank you! I really needed this. Hopefully I can get a room available in this tavern" wondered her looking around.

"Fear not" swiftly added him, his interests growing by her natural charm "I give my word that a safe place you will have to rest this night" assured him adjusting his seat "I'm Ismark the burgomaster" introduced himself, his chest up, clearly proud of that. Two days ago a group of people managed bury his father, put the priest's son to rest, take his sister out of Strahd's umbrella, and do few other beneficial things to the village. He happened to be at the tavern when they arrived and the villagers are now welcoming him as the burgomaster, probably thinking he might have brought them here. Some even told stories about how he reminds his father in his actions. 

They talked for almost two hours, Ismark leading the conversation. He told her about himself, a wolf fight he got into, his recent days, at the end he was getting a little depressed thinking how it is going to be after the devil comes back. But after drinking several glasses of wine, enough to get Ismark hammered, he didn't want to worry about it now. The woman was mostly following, in joy when hearing about what these strangers have done for the village. She was indeed happy, defeating Strahd in any way is always something to appreciate. She was also tipsy, however still in good shape.

"I feel like I know you better but I still don't know your name my lady"

"Victoria. It is a pleasure to meet you Ismark. You brought happiness to a night that was supposed to be boring and depressing as things usually were in this village" she then laughed. Blushed she covered her face with her hands to stop smiling, then she dropped her hand on his. With the touched, he became paralyzed, and waiting for him to act she slowly closed her eyes seducing him. Ismark did not miss the chance, he could see nothing around, his body operating only for this. He went ahead kissing her, feeling his body burning from inside. Those soft and wet lips tasting wine were irresistible.

"Why don't you stay in my place tonight, so you can save a little bit of money and have a nicer bed to sleep?" offered him about half an hour later, when she has finally lost interested and stopped asking questions about the things he told. He was surprised that she was really interested in his stories, that wasn't what usually happens. They were already sitting closer to each other and he had his arm resting on the back of her chair. "I can also have someone cleaning up your armour, you see"

She just nodded kissing him back. Few minutes later walking their way to the mansion she suddenly stopped on the middle of the street.  

"What happened?" asked him surprised "Was it something I did? I'm sorry…"

"No." she interrupted him and paused for few seconds, letting the suspense take over his mind. "How am I suppose to be seen with the burgomaster?" she questioned him looking around, trying to be logical about the situation "The soldiers wouldn't respect me if this somehow reach their ears. You think I haven't heard about your sister? She has been in Vallaki once, she might tell someone".

"Don't worry" he quickly added, then he pulled her close and whispered in her ears "Please keep this between us, but my sister is also not at home anymore. She travels with my friends to Vallaki as we speak, she is safe with them and far away" a sad face popped as he remembered the fact his sister is gone for a while.

A wide smiled appeared on her face as she broke his stupor "I trust you then, let's go. I definitely need some sleep". 

When he was wake up next day, her bed was empty and she was gone.


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