Curse of Strahd

The Awakening

The night we arrive back at the Windmill

Draug can't sleep well that night, and decides to head out to the 4 standing stones to get some air and sleep beneath the stars,  meditating and saying his prayers to Sehanine Moonbow as he does.  As he falls into trance he dreams once again under the moons glow.  He awakens once more at that lake where he has met his goddess before, and there she stands again, smiling at him. "You have done well Draug Naule, and perhapse even shown more mercy than i thought you could in taking in those twisted by the abbots power.  We shall see how that develops.  But that is not why i brought you here,  it is time to grant you another gift, and teach you how to call upon thier powers to aid yourself in carring out your mission, for soon you face a terrible witch who stole a force of great magic and life for herself." She beckons him to come closer, and his silvered scimatar appears in her hand, starting to glow brightly with the moonlight. Once it has been charges, she plunges it into his chest, where he symbol has been melded with his lesh in pure silver.  The entire blade dissapears into the silver, and another appears again unlight back in his scabbard. "Now Draug, focus on the blade, and place your hand over my symbol." Draug is confused, but does as his goddess says, holding his hand over his chest, and thinking of his trusted scimatar which has helped him survive for this long.  The same blade that she had thrust into him reappears in his hand, glowing with her power. She smiles and says, "Now focus on the bow that i gave to you"  Draug is still shocked but does as she commands, and his glowing blade shifts its form to the bow, emblazoned with her holy symbol on it. "now draw it draug" He does and an arrow of white ash appears on the drawn string, and a werewolf begins to charge him. Draug fires without hesitation,  seemily wildly at first, but then the arrow corrects itself slightly in the air and plunges into the vile creatures heart. "focus your magic on the arrow Draug." He pours his magic into that arrow, and it explodes with a burst of light, and the creature falls dead. "These are my gifts to you Draug,  use them to put an end to that Devil and push back the dark of the night.  Now i will return you to your friends" She smiles at him, and his world fades to black.  When he awakens again, he is many miles from the Windmill, standing in the road watching his friends and cousin approach. "Well are we ready to take down this witch?"


(what is seen at the Windmill is a crescent moon glowing between the stones, with the message i'll meet you on the road on the ground)



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