Curse of Strahd

The Dream

After finding the journal of Strahd

Draug dreams deeply that night, the town square and the silver haired woman appears again, once more in the town square. This scene has been replaying in his dreams ever since the first, each time he has been frozen, unabe to do anything, forced to relive the horror of watching yet more people be torn to shreds by the werewolves, even still senseing the oppressive force that thier master Strahd is pushing.  No more he thinks to himself, never again, and he whispers a prayer to his goddess to grant him the strength to end this cycle, to push back against the darkness, to end the suffering caused by this evil before him.  His amulet again flares to life and light, and a bow seeming made of pure moonlight appears in his hands.  Filled with purpose from this sign, he draws his bowstring, an arrow appearing notched as he does, and he joins the fight.  What seems like an eternity passes in the bloody battle, taking many wounds yet refusing to fall, doing everything he can to save as many as he can from the pack.  Finally the battle ends, the pack withdrawing much smaller than before, the woman and several of the townsfolk still living. Draug collapses to the ground, the bow dissapearing from his hand as he falls, bleeding out from the many wounds he suffered. He stares to the sky, thanking his goddess for aiding him, allowing him to do some good in this horror filled world, only regreting that he was unable to continue fighting for her. Draugs life slips away from him, and he is sure he will die.  He starts to feel a beating upon his chest, an incredible burning sensation as the woman appears before him again, asking if he would hunt and fight till his last breath against the dark powers, no matter what the cost. Draug answers without hesitation, "Yes, I would fight till all my bones are broken, my body torn asunder, and my heart stops to keep the dark powers at bay." The woman smiles, "Then i will make you mine, my warrior here in this dark land, to bring an end to Strahd's darkness and the wolves terror." She places her hands upon the amulet and his chest, life surging back into his body, along with a terrible burning sensation. Draug jolts awake, clutching his chest which burns horribly.  When the feeling finally subsides, Draug looks down to see his amulet is gone, and in its place is a perfect tattoo of his on his chest in silver, almost as if his amulet has melted into his skin. He hears whispered in his ear, "with this our pact is sealed, you are my warrior, and i shall grant you strength"


nice intro to build up your character! I’m curious to see how your patron manifests with the group

The Dream

that’s awesome!

The Dream

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