Curse of Strahd

The red mists

He was a man of about fifty, tall, portly, and imposing, with a massive, strongly marked face and a commanding figure. He was dressed in a sombre yet rich style, in black frock-coat, shining hat, neat brown gaiters, and well-cut pearl-gray trousers. The man stood for a minute or more with a heaving chest, fighting against his emotion. Then an older man looked up uttered “Please be calm”, and in a peaceful voice he added "our studies revealed with considerable accuracy our new formula is unimpeachable” assured tapping the big man on the shoulder as he passed by. The old man saw his carven face with its proud bones and skin like ivory, and the long curved nose between the dark deep eyes; and he was reminded not so much of his mother as of his father. It has been several years of loyalty.

“Please let me go!” shouted a soft yet serious voice. The elven grace contrasting with her current situation, she once more tried to force her way loose of the ropes with no success. 

“Please stop doing that to yourself, we’re not savages but you leave us with no other option” answered the old man. While he approach he started “Brielle, Brielle… my young lady. We just want to get out of here. I can’t afford letting you loose knowing our secret. It’s an unfortunate discovery of yours”. Thinking, the old man lost himself in his thoughts for few minutes. 

The awkward silence becoming a pressure on everyone, then a masked man also dressed in fine black robes suggested with an almost unnoticeable smile “Why don’t we just kill her?”. Some figures glared at each other and the silence was back for few more minutes. It lasted until the old man was back from his lost thoughts.

“I see we have conflicted opinions upon the matter, the only solution left is a vote on what to do with her” countered the elder. “It leaves us with three options. Option one: killing her. Option two: keeping her until our mission is done and then we release her. Option three: making her part of the guild by taking an oath” announced the old man as he raised his third finger illustrating the last option, then he turned to his loyal body guard “My friend, would you mind conducting the votes while I get back to what we were suppose to be doing?”.

With no further questions, the elder wizard turned away facing the heavy fog in front of him. He emptied a sack of dust on the floor, focused himself for few seconds and said in what Brielle knew to be draconic “Glittering dust that absorbs mist. With the royal blood, the dark powers shall concede. A way for souls it must provide, through the path of the planes where they can be freed”. He poured a vial of blood into the dust. The blood puffed in a small glittering red cloud, the cloud merged quickly into the mists and began to form what seemed to be a gate.

“1501 DR, Experiment 43. The gate was successfully opened” logged that old man to magically enchanted feather that took notes for him. Then he gestured to his friend so he could bring the hat with the voting results.



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