Curse of Strahd

Appreciating Kassandra

Hi Birdy,
Doing pretty well.  We fought against some witch-like things today.  I got fried by two lightening bolts…nearly killed me.  Well, one was my fault; I stupidly stood my ground when I had a perfectly good chance to get under cover.  So stupid!  Anyway it was a bitch!  Or I should say they were bitches!  Afterward we were all too exhausted even to explore our newly gained property…an old windmill. 
I wish I had learned something about the Vistani from you…or maybe you don’t know of them either.  They are the gypsies of Barovia…nomads…not trustworthy but not totally against us, I think.  It is true that Strahd allows the Vistani to travel in and out of Barovia…the only ones allowed to do so.  But, I’m not sure they are completely free to do so a will.  They may be in league with Strahd or simply informers who would like to be free of him as much as us.  We met a small group of elves today at the Vistani camp.  They were here against their will, like us.  They had been ambushed by a group of werewolves and had joined the Vistani camp for mutual protection.  They seem oddly out of place to me…but so are we.  The elf leader is definitely an enemy of Strahd, something about his daughter’s soul being held in the devil’s castle.  You know I don’t believe all this mumbo jumbo about the God’s helping us.  What’s a soul good for anyway?  Nonetheless, he’s a probable ally. 
There are only two of my companions that I’ve not described to you.  Our newest member, a strange looking cleric named Urican, and, of course, the beautiful Kassandra.  Thought I’d never get around to talking about her didn’t you. ::smile::
The only woman I’ve ever known that is as beautiful as Kassandra is Wink.  I miss Wink; I hope you are caring for her!  Anyway, Kass is a talented Bard that gets the immediate attention of every man when she enters a room.  When she plays her instruments in a tavern or inn the audience is mesmerized.  But the true beauty of Kassandra is her warmth, charm and empathy.  If there are children around, she wants to stop and play with them.  If we meet an elderly person she insists that we stop and see what we can do for them.  But she is not bashful; I swear if we met a dragon intent on eating us she would walk up to it, shake her finger and order it to stop.  In battle she inspires us, heals us and is as fearsome as any of us when she attacks.  We’d be in trouble without her.  Of course, I’d like to see more of her…uh…I mean spend more time with her but her good ole cousin Draug has three eyes…one watching Kass, one on our enemies and one on me!  Damn! 


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Appreciating Kassandra

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