Curse of Strahd

Dreams prt2

the night before we face the abbot again

Draug sleeps fitfully before the impending confrontation, pressing his hand to the now embedded holy symbol in his chest seems to calm him, and he dreams deeply.  Once again he is transported to that moonlit lakeshore, before his goddess and patron.  "What troubles you Draug?" she asks him even as he kneels before her, sensing his unease.  "My lady, i fear i will be unable to finish my fights with the darkness.  I have met the devil himself, and i come up very short to him, and even now it seems he has tempted a holy servant to fall from grace and serve him. What chance do i have again such a power?"  Sehanine thinks for a moment, and asks Draug, "Do you doubt in me Draug Naule? Do you denounce you vow to fight the darkness and devil till the end?" Draug shakes his head violently, "No Lady, i would lay my life down to protect people from the terror he strikes, and all his servants and allies. If i'm to face him and die so be it, same with his werewolf servants. But i'd atleast want a chance to kill and win the fight."  Sehanine smiles softly at him, "Very well Draug,  but to recive this gift you and your allies must put an end to this fallen angel,  for he is creating horrors and robbing the very dead of their rest to make this false bride. Do this for me, and i shall grant you the strength and a weapon to push back the darkness and let the moonlight once again shine."  Draug bows to her again, "as you command my Lady.  I will not allow his perversions continue against nature." and as he says this, the crecent moon seems to decend upon him, taking the shape of a bow, and gets absorbed into his symbol, causeing a flash of pale light visible even in the room that Draug sleeps in. Sehanine touches his head, "Do not fear, do not doubt, you are my chosen warrior, and you will fight with this knowledge in your heart.  Now go, and prove your worth this gift."  Draug awakens and the rest of the group has started to stir, ready to face whatever comes his way.


This is awesome!

Dreams prt2

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